Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 16 &17, viewing the world through rose colored glasses.

I got a little behind but hope to double post today! Well I suppose that it's a good thing to be able to view the world through rose colored glasses, and the older we get the harder that becomes. I accidentally found that my phone now has filters which allow me to take the picture with the filter or just apply a filter to an existing picture. You may be laughing if you think I am the last person to find these but I have been having fun playing with them. Today I did a sketch of a ceramic pumpkin in my entry, I then applied a few filters, fun! I think I sometimes do this to some of the events in my own life, cover them or tint them in a different shade or light.
Original sketch

one of the filters on my phone

another variation, subtle but okay
  Once I got the photos to my computer I opened them in photoshop to apply some more filters and see what I got. Here are the results. Its fun to take even a simple pencil sketch and apply these filters that can totally transform something average to awesome. I like the cutout filter the best, what about you.

This filter is called cut out, I like what it did to the sketch

This one I played with the hues and saturation

Diffused Glow, I like this too
Palette knife

This one is called Ink outlines

I don't know how well you can see the changes but they are really different and fun. If this happens with a simple pencil sketch think about what you could do with your nicer paintings or drawings. Thankful for filters and Photoshop


Threadpainter said...

Love your comment re; filters on events in your own life … Yup !, I think we all do … probably for self preservation.
I feel way behind with my old flip phone but play with the photo options on my computer and get some good ideas doing that … have fun !

Joan T said...

Fun to see how the phone and computer can change a sketch so that it loaks so different. Fun idea!

Desiree Habicht said...

Thanks Andrea and Joan for your comments! Andrea its good that you can play on your computer, think about upgrading to a new phone, you will be amazed and will think "How did I live without this before?" Thanks Joan, it is fun, I also have loved seeing all your paintings on FB!

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