Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13, daily practice starts with a good breakfast

I love to start my day with my sketchbook and breakfast. I often eat outside since we are blessed with beautiful weather most of the year. I always have my sketchbook laying close by so that I can grab it when the whim hits me. I have been painting my breakfast, which is none too exciting. To make it more interesting I have painted it in different angles, different fruit, colors. To help change it up I added my shadows first then did the painting over them. I know many watercolor artists that paint this way, I usually don't but thought it would be fun to try. It was a great study in values thats for sure! Here is my Cheerios breakfast
My initial sketch

Added the shadows

Now adding some color

More color and details

Done! But I missed the two Cheerios on the top of the banana on the left!
Why don't you try this next time you paint in your sketchbook, it works in most paintings!

1 comment:

Joan T said...

I smiled all the way through scrolling down the progression of how you painted. Awesome!

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