Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Day 6 and its my Anniversary! Thankful for my husband!

Hi GF's, its the end of day 6 and I am getting ready to go to dinner with my best friend of 33 years today. I will share a little about our relationship you may not know! He married me with three young babies to care for and surrendered his bachelorhood to help heal and build a new family. When Jennifer was hurt he never missed spending a day with her in the hospital, no matter how many hours he had already worked. He has never said anything mean to me or made me feel like a bad person, I wish I could say the same. He has the patience of Job and is always kind. I know, its hard to believe that after 33 years he is still that same sweet guy I fell in love with! I am blessed beyond words. Today we will take Jennifer with us to celebrate our special day and spend some quiet time alone later!

Besides he's just so good looking too!

I wanted to share a gift with all of you today, an ornament I designed for your tree. It would be a great felt only project also but I used white cotton for the base. I hope you like it, it is my creative thing for today. I wanted to give it to you early so you have time to make it before your tree is up! Enjoy

Click here for the downloadable PDF file! A early Christmas Present for you on my Anniversary!


Gill said...

Happy Anniversary!

Joan T said...

LOL I was looking at the photo and thinking how good looking he is, and then I noticed your comment under the photo. Congratulations!!! You have a definite winner here.

Desiree Habicht said...

Thanks Gill and Joan!

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