Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 15, Soaking up local color

On my walk the last few days I have been collecting fall leaves. I am so drawn to the colors and the magic that seems to be taking place all around me. I would come home with arms full of leaves if I could! Jennifer is great since she has pouches on her wheelchair that I can stick all my great finds and she will carry them home for me. Today I decided to paint them before I lost the magic that is fleeting at best. It really isn't even fair to try and capture the colors as they are as vast as the leaves themselves. Here is my ode to Fall and my insatiable love of color!

Here are a few of the leaves I collected on my walk, beautiful!
I then did a sketch and added some color randomly around my paper. While wet I add some of the leaves color.
I then start adding more color and some detail
More color and details
Making my way through the group
Da da, finished and I love it. My 2013 Fall walks frozen in time, they are leaves from a Chinese Pistachio tree, Crepe Myrtles, and some Liquid Ambers. Heaven

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Joan T said...

I just love the autumn colors!!! Nicely done, Desiree.

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