Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Helen's Bentley

I couldn't sleep last night and I have been itching to play with pastels on suede board more. I am going to order some Ampersand pastelbord to try also. I like the way the suede board holds the pastel and still allows for lots of layering of color. I am not able to use my really soft pastels though, not as well as the Nupastels seem to go on. I think I am going to do the WC challenge, where you take one image, simplify it and then paint it 100 different ways! I will start next year and I have the picture in mind already. Anyway, here is Helen's adorable King Charles Spaniel, Bentley! Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas
Pastel 8"x10"


Karen Hargett said...

Bentley looks wonderful. I really love your work!

Joan said...

I saw this on WetCanvas earlier. Wonderful job on this!! I'm amazed by the colors in his fur. Gorgeous!!

Beth Niquette said...

I have NO idea how you are able to create such beauty with pastels. I've tried to do pastels, but was unsuccessful. I admire your talent and ability to create magic with such a difficult medium!

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