Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Traditions Day 10- Giving

The season is all about gift giving, our example is the gift of life that God provided for us. Its with this gift in mind that we are inspired to give to others. Every year our family would do some type of community service gift. For me personally, I was always trying to remind the kids that it wasn't just about them and what they wanted, it is about giving to others. This time of year can become a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids compassion and about giving to others and about being a volunteer. We have all served the homeless, hosted dinners at our church, we have gone and celebrated with the elderly, giving gifts to a senior center, the kids have gone to a local tore and picked a name off of a tree of another, less forunate child to buy a gift for.

What could be better than helping a child during the holidays. We also try to reach outside of our community, being involved with Samaritans Purses Operation Christmas child, a Christian organization that provides shoeboxes full of much needed items to children in other countries. My kids would each work on filling a shoebox for a child their own age. When you turn in the shoebox you label it for a girl or boy and what age. The kids could also include a Christmas card, written to the receiving child in hopes that a penpal relationship would form. Sometimes a return letter was received, but often they are too poor to write back or they are not able to write back.

World Vision, another Christian organization comes out with a catalog at the end of the year, you can buy animals, water wells, gardening tools etc for villages and poor families in other countries. Jennifer, Randy and I love when this catalog arrives and we can go through and pick out some things to give that we know will fill a huge need.

This year I saw another wonderful opportunity to get involved in making a difference in a childs life. It seemed to be a perfect fit for me this year. We have a friend who's daughter has been fighting the battle of Luekemia. She has been in and out of the hospital for years and as of today is cancer free! Then my fabric line was released, so how would this go together? ConKer Cancer is an organization founded by a mom who lost her son to cancer. She says that on each of his numerous trips back and forth to the hospital for treatments she would make him a new pillowcase. This small, simple gesture helped make the trip tolerable, each pillowcase signified another successful treatment. They started to provide other kids battleing cancer in the same hospital pillowcases and thus Conkerr cancer was born. I saw this on "The Quilt Show" blog and I heard she was on Martha Stewart. So this year I am making pillowcases. I was already making them for my family as gifts, now I am enlarging my family group and will be sending pillowcases to kids with cancer. I want to challenge all my quilting friends to make a difference in a childs life who is battling cancer. Such an easy thing for us to do, check out the website, all of the instructions are under "help out". Merry Christmas


Joan said...

It is a wonderful time for giving to others with our financial resources, our time, or just our caring!! It can make such a difference in the life of someone.

Desiree said...

thanks Joan, I agree

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