Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Traditions- Day 9 Party time

There are so many types of parties that are going on during this time of the year. Church parties, family parties, company parties, cookie parties so if you are wanting to host a party the secret is to plan early. October is not too early to be planning and organizing all the things you might need for your successful holiday party. Last year, we had just finished our backyard and I wanted so much to throw some sort of outdoor get together. I knew that the chance of having a good turn out was probably pretty poor but I just couldn't resist. I made some invitations up and hand delivered to all the neighbors and then we called some friends. I made some Wassail punch, sangria and some easy finger foods, cheese, dips and chips. We had the outside fireplace going along with some space heaters that the neighbor loaned us. We had a great time with the people that showed up and they loved the yard. We huddled in groups around the fireplace and punch, sharing stories of the area, the people, the projects we were all involved with. Some of the neighbors hadn't met each other so it was fun to see how much all of us had in common. It was fun to talk to some of the people we see everyday but don't have time to stop to talk to. We had fun reconnecting to the people we live so close to and were invited to several parties during the year that they threw! Although planning and timing is critical to the success of your party this last minute get together was great. How does that saying go, if you want good neighbors, be a good neighbor!


Joan said...

Christmas parties and get-togethers are a special part of the holidays. Enjoy!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Non!! Why am I so far!...looks so inviting!

Desiree said...

Youre all invited!

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