Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Traditions Day 2

The truth be told, ok I am confessing here, I was inspired to do this daily traditions postings after visiting a special persons blog. She is such an amazingly talented person and although we have not met, although I did try, she inspires me with her amazing art and wonderful recipes that are perfectly displayed on her blogs. Yes I said blogs, she has a art blog and a food blog. I don't know how she finds time to cook the way she does and paint but she not only manages it but she excels in both. Her blog is never boring or dull but full of entertaining musings and insights that keep you begging for more. Picture from My French Kitchen

Thank you Ronell for being my inspiration once again. Check out Ronell's French Kitchen blog for a wonderful Christmas tradition that her family does on Dec. 1. I think it sounds wonderful, I may have to add it to ours. I would love for her to come during the holidays and fix me some of her wonderful treats like that picture of white chocolate panacotta and dark chocolate mousse. In the US we need to use a conversion table to make the recipes but it is well worth it. For an added treat check out Ronell's Art blog called Africantapestry for her wonderful sketches of her beloved France. While Randy and I were in Paris this year we did try to visit but the timing didn't work out and we missed each other. We are determined to try again!! I look forward to spending some painting time with her as she creates her magic.


Anonymous said...

Desiree...thank you, I feel so honoured! But MY truth be told - I can also only act on inspiration and like you, they come from so many different sources which of course, you are ways you may not even suspect.
Thank you again and I'm looking forward to seeing your days filled with tradition!

Joan said...

I will check out Ronelle's tradition next.

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