Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Traditions Day 5- projects

For some reason I always decide to do a project for Christmas at Christmas time when my time is already crazy busy. But, for me, trying to do a Christmas project in July is tough, who feels Christmasy in 100 degree heat? I have to be in the mood. I want to share some projects, either mine or other peoples that I think are easy, and doable during this wonderful season. I will only list a few but if you have something you are doing this year or in years past and want me to add it send it to me and I will post it.
There is always a flurry of church activities this time of year too, plays, dinners, brunches. One year at our little church we had a Christmas womens brunch. We decided to make the center pieces that would then be available for purchase to help raise money for the next function. A group of very generous women worked on these mop angels including me. I painted faces and help make so many of these angels that year. Judy's husband cut out the dowls and the round discs of wood we used for the heads. A group of us would get together and glue, glue, glue and paint. It was such fun, and since we were already making them we made extras for us and as gifts for our moms. Every year I get out my angels (which I never quite finished) and display them. We used a commercial mop head, wooden discs for their heads and base and a dowl in between for the body. The Christmas greeniery they hold is just package toppers available at your local craft store.

CD Tree

While I was at the Xray office the other day I ran into Cheryl, from Sun City. She works there and I had noticed that they had some great Christmas decorations up. I noticed this fabric tree and asked about it. Cheryl was kind enough to share with me how she made it with CD's. She wrapped each CD with different fabrics and then gathered the fabric up closing it around the CD. She then glued the discs in a tree shape onto some foam core and added some decorations. This cute tree added alot to the sterile medical setting in which she works. Thanks Cheryl!

Last but not least, at our party the other night I noticed Diane W. had a darling Christmas plate displayed in a place of honor. It had to be an artistic creation from one of her kids. I think that these plate kits are available and I am going to see if I can find a source. How much fun would it be for me to let the grandkids create a mini-masterpiece to give to their parents. Jennifer, my 33 year old daughter made one in her brownie troop when she was around 6-7 and we still have it. The thing to remember is that sometimes, depending on the kit, any writing will be reversed.

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africantapestry said...

What an original chritsmas tree from Cd's...there is just no end to creativity!

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