Monday, July 07, 2008

Two hour challenge

I belong to a watercolor group online and we set challenges up weekly. It is great fun to have such a rich selection of photos to pick from each week. These are meant to challenge us to try things we don't normally do, whether it is a different medium, style or subject. This week I managed to fit in 3 quick paintings. This one was a boating scene from Roger's photo group. I cropped out one boat and focused on it and the surrounding water which I have never painted. It was a great stretch for me, I obviously need more practice at it. This painting was done in about 1 hour. Its really about just making myself try and paint or draw something everyday, another challenge. Have a great Monday everyone!


Sandy said...

Terrific painting, you achieved sun filled water very well.

RogerPf said...

Nicely done, Desiree.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Well done... and your painting every day challenge is a good one to set up for yourself.

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