Monday, July 14, 2008

Fishing July 08

Well its that time of year again, deep sea fishing is here. Casa Colina plans about 3 trips a year and Friday was our first. The fishing was amazing, although my thoughts of sitting quietly in the chair relaxing as I wait for a bite never happened. We took the grandkids and Melissa along with Jennifer. Many of the people who signed up to go didn't show up so the boat was fairly empty which left the deckhands with little to do but bait our hooks and untangle our lines. It was heaven. I didn't have to stick one hook through a eye, or mouth or gill the whole trip! We barely were able to get our hooks in the water when our lines were hit and we either caught something or lost our bait. Everyone took lots of fish home, but Jennifer won for the biggest fish again. And whats even more amazing is that as they were helping her reel in her fish another line got tangled up in hers and as they pulled her line up another white sea bass hit the other lines bait and they reeled in two fish! It was like she caught them both! Here she is the ultimate fishing queen!

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