Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Fourth of JULY- Independence Day

Well tomorrow is the fourth, a day set aside to basically have a party and end the day with fireworks. Its great, a fun filled day in the middle of summer. Its always incredibly hot but by the time the fireworks happen the sun has gone down and the summer nights are wonderful. The kids still love to drive to the top of the local hills and watch the fireworks happening all around Riverside. Every year, when they were small, we would take them to watch the fireworks show on Mount Rubidoux, while we played the corresponding radio station on the car radio that was broadcasting and playing the music. It was all so patriotic, then right after the grand finale the mountain always caught on fire and the kids loved to watch the firetrucks race up the hill and put out the fires! Not so fun this year with all the fires burning out of control, I wonder if they will even have fireworks on Mt. Rubidoux this year?

We are having the family and some friends over for a barbeque, swimming and just enjoying each others company. I took Jenn and Kylie to the nail salon and we had our nails done, and here is my pedicure, I think it looks great in the pool! This is where I plan on having my feet most of the day, I hope everyone has a great day.

I have so many dear friends in th UK, I will be thinking of you today working. Sorry!


mARTa said...

Reminds me of the photo of my footsies last summer! Thanks for the nice visit yesterday, I enjoyed having my toes in your pool along side you. And I love your new hair sexy and chic....go ahead, tell Randy I DID have something to do with it! LOL

Melissa Fischer said...

I've really enjoyed looking through your blog, Desiree. I like the way you think and ponder life, and I love your sketches.


caseytoussaint said...

Great photo - wish I could stop by and put my feet in your pool!

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