Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping everyone afloat!

Today I had all the grandkids over for the day. When school let out I got some crazy idea one day that I could help the two older ones with their poor grades by working with them during the summer. I have had them about 2 days per week now. I don't know what drugs I must have been on the day I decided to do this, like I don't have enough happening! I want to know which fuse in my brain is short circuiting that causes me to not only agree but outright suggest that I take these kinds of projects! After all, I raised my kids already, this is crazy. Then I slap myself and then tell myself ," Be quiet you dork, you already agreed."

I went out and bought some learning DVD's, pencil's, paper. Since I don't have my teaching degree I need to look organized and prepared. I even took them to the library and got them all library cards and we checked out books!

They had never been to a library!

"What's a library card, Nana?"

"It's a card that lets you check out books"

"For what?"

"To read"

"Wow, look at those books over there, they say WORLD BOOKS across all the books"

"Yeah, haven't you ever seen World Books before?"

"NO!" What are they?

"They are encyclopedias!" I used to love to read them and every year we would get a new one.

"Wow, Nana, whats an encyclopedia!?"

Looking totally perplexed and feeling 7000 years old I responded with " It is like the internet in book form"

I have my work cut out for me!

We have cooking lessons, ediquette training, and lots of swimming practice! As hard as it is I have loved every minute with them. I usually take Mikey and Kylie together and then take Nathan, the two year old, on another day. As with most two year olds, life revolves around them and their needs. Today, everyone was here and something amazing happens to kids when they are all together, trouble and chaos! And why is it that when boys get together they are constantly belting out announcements of all the body noises they like to make. Like we all don't know what just happened. I don't know if I can really control chaos, it just happens!

And then, in the middle of the madness, there are moments that speak for themselves, those moments when all is right with the world.


Melissa Fischer said...

What a wonderful thing to be doing, Desiree! As a homeschool mom, I think what you're doing this summer with your grandkids is invaluable and will be with them for the rest of their lives.

mARTa said...

girlfriend, why is the internet in World Books? LOL....yes, and I was born before cordless phones too!
You are too funny....I love you!

Susan said...

I commend you for what you are doing with your grandchildren. I had to laugh at several points through your explanation, though it's kind of sad that they'd not been to a library before. You did a great job of explaining. It really points out the differences in our childhoods and theirs, doesn't it?

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