Friday, January 18, 2008

Life Drawing and then the Quilt Show

Last night Dawn and I and Marta got together for Tapas and Sangria to celebrate Marta's birthday! We had a great time just trying to catch up after all the holiday business. Afterwards we went to the museum for Life drawing classes. It has been so long since I have drawn or painted I didn't know how I would do. The first few were pretty bad but then I got into the groove a bit. Still under the weather from this stupid sinus infection I pooped out pretty quick. Between the sangria and the medication and my runny nose, I fought to stay focused on the model. We had drawn her before, she is a robust black women, the last time she was our model I did a watercolor of her. Her hair was curly and she was a bit thinner. The unfortunate thing about painting someone is that you study their body and notice all changes. LOL I think she was a bit too overweight for modeling. I like a heavier model but too heavy and I think its harder to know if my porportions are right.

Tomorrow I have an all day class at Road to California, the quilt show. I have a quilt hanging there and am anxious to see it. I love to shop all the hand dyed fabrics and look for different things to incorporate into my quilts. I hope I feel better and can do this all day class. It should be great fun, its all about embellishment and creating different textures with fabric.

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