Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Beauty Salon

In our quest to look beautiful and my quest to fend off the grey, Jennifer and I went to get our hair done. It is the one place that everyone publically admits that they are not satisfied with what they have! Our salon now has a plastic surgeon who is doing botox injections in the back room where they also do massages. The call it a day spa now. It a one stop beauty shop. Jenn and I are both fighting our roots, hers are brown and mine are grey, but either way we want them gone. It amazes me as I look around, the lengths we will go to stay beautiful! They have girls doing nails, hair, permanents, curlers, waxing eyebrows, bikini lines, upper lips, the botox, restilane for plumping your lips, massages to help the stress we must feel about having to do all this to look good. Last year, or was it the year before, Jennifer cut off all of her long blonde hair and donated it to locks of love, this year she hasn't decided to part with it yet.

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Ai said...

I love your sketch. I don't go there as often. I probably look like the "Before" photo of any make over session. I still have not yet color my hair though I have quite some gray. The girls at my office all color their hair to be red or brown. Everybody seems to hate to have black hair these days; eventhough we all Asian. I guess I will go to the salon more often too after my gray has progressed big time.

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