Tuesday, February 28, 2006

EDM #44 Draw an animal, a pet, zoo animal, ...

It is unusually stormy for us here in southern California the rain is giving us a much needed watering. It is not overly cold but when we do get a storm, our kitty, who loves being outside, decides she wants to cohabitate with us mere humans. She is a calico, which should say it all, if you have ever owned one. A bit temperamental, and aloof, overly needy when she desires it, but normally only allows affection on her terms. She has a talent of choosing those times when, for instance, my husband was fixing a broken sprinkler, he was laying on the ground, with his arm in a hole trying to get to the broken PVC pipe, when Skittles started rubbing on his face and head butting him. Nothing like a arm full of mud and cat hair up your nose! Anyway, here she is, some loose sketches of her on Jenn's bed, cleaning herself and curled up and all comfy on this raining night.


Wardi said...

What great cat drawings! :-)

I just wanted to let you know that, since you asked, I explained more about Pancake Day on my blog! ;-)

Donn said...

Very nicely done. Know what you mean about cats. They want attention on their terms, not ours!
Ours is 99% indoor cat, but when she wants out on the porch, she let's us know and won't stop meowing until we let her out! Only when we're outside in the back yard (fenced in) do we let her roam around the yard.

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