Tuesday, February 28, 2006

EDM #36 draw out in public

Its that time of year when all of us women need to go get their mamograms. I try and do it at the beginning of each year, it gets it out of the way and starts the year fresh. As I was sitting in the waiting room, I decided to draw the women reading sitting across from me. I still feel uncomfortable drawing people when they don't know, I would probably feel worse if they knew! I would hate for them to say "Oh, let me see how I look!" and then I would have to recesitate them after they see what I drew! So I try and do it incognito, but its hard to draw something without really studying it. I find that I am assuming where the line should be so I don't have to stare at her chest! That kind of thing. I found a blog where the guy drew the people on the subway, oh my, was he great. He was able to capture them perfectly, although many were sleeping, that always helps.

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Carole said...

This is pretty good, considering you weren't feeling able to look that closely. It looks very well observed. I get a real sense of character from the sketch. Also her expression shows that relaxed concentration that comes from reading.

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