Tuesday, February 21, 2006

EDM #24 Draw a piece of fruit

Well, I did a two for one, in "The Creative License", Gregory tells us to draw our breakfast and since it was grapefruit I got the #24 challenge done also. I added a garlic bulb from the previous nights dinner preparation that didn't get put away, and my splenda packet. I don't know if the garlic was overly successful with all of the papery coverings it is a challenge in its self, I want to try to draw more garlic and onions.


Carolyn said...

Hi! I found you surfing around the "blogs illustrated" site... I really like your work, and your inspiring mentions of Jennifer!
I am a little bummed to admit that I haven't been keeping up with the EM challenges... you've done some nice drawings for them.
Just thought I'd say hello!

Lin said...

SO SO WONDERFULLY RENDERED!! Loose, relaxed - yet so lovely and pleasing!

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