Thursday, February 23, 2006

EDM #17 draw a musical instrument

As we were having lunch at the rehab hospital, where Jennifer goes for therapy, I noticed the piano. It sits in the corner of the cafeteria, usually silent. I don't know why they have it but it is a piece of furniture that traveled over from the old hospital before they tore it down. I always thought it would be nice for the patients to have someone playing while we all ate. So today, I thought I would make good use of its inactivity. As I was in the middle of drawing, a young man, I presume to be a patient, probably with a brain injury sat at the piano and started to tap randomly at the keys. At first there was no rythmn or recognizable song just noise, as his mom came in she just stood and watched him and never said a word. He continued to touch the keys, but now there seemed to be the sound of those songs we all had to learn, scales, over and over. Then more banging, then a song, a real song, it was as though his brain remembered playing the piano and every few minutes it was able to make his fingers move correctly over the keys to play the melody. Brain injury is so very hard, for everyone. He must be just as frustrated that it does not come as easily as it used to. He played off and on for about 10 minutes and then got up to leave. We clapped and thanked him for his wonderful playing and he turned with a huge smile and said "You're welcome". I think I now know why that piano sits in the corner, even if only to bring joy for a few minutes to all of us.


Lin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! HOW WONDERFUL FOR YOU AND WHAT A GLORIOUS REASON FOR YOUR EXCITEMENT!!! WOW!! Your quilt is go exquistely done -- love the colors and the skill it took to do so much to bring it into existence ... WOWZA~~~!!! GO GO GO!!

Carole said...

The piano story is inspiring. I love the drawing too - and your fruit, and the scene from your bed.

And yes - well done on the quilt - it's beautiful too. What a talent!

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