Thursday, September 13, 2012

Workshop at the Acacia guild

Last weekend I had the opportunity to teach my art appliqué class at the Acacia quilt guild. The thing I like the most about teaching is getting to meet all the amazing women out there. Whether it is quilters or art quilters or artists, these women are so amazing and inspiring. One of the women I met that day was Mary, she started quilting when she was 63 and she is now 98 1/2!!! She had brought her latest quilt to show at the meeting the night before which was a huge dahlia quilt. I was blown away.

 A retired school teacher, she is doing the things she dreamt of doing once she retired! She is still very active and was driving up until April of this year. She now is a bit more frustrated that she can't jump in the car and run to the fabric store to get something she needs on a whim any longer. This hasn't seemed to slow her down, instead she has it all figured out! She came to my workshop where I teach the students how to apply all sorts of colored pencils,watercolor pencils etc to fabric and make it permanent. Even with her arthritis she had no problems jumping right into the project. Her attitude, her heart and her spirit made you immediately love her. She told us stories and as we all laughed I thought about the fact that she has experienced almost 100 years of history! It is that willingness to keep learning and moving forward that was so inspiring to everyone. I hope I can age with such dignity! Here are a few pictures, thank you Acacia for a great day!
Some quilted blocks getting color! I have these blocks available for sale. Already quilted and waiting for you creative touch, contact me if you are interested. 

- Desiree

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