Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A day, A Moment, A Memory

Today is the day I have the twins, its a fun filled day of activities. I have to plan my whole week around it since it requires my full attention and some thought. I happened to have a moment with Megan today, one on one, her and I. She had gotten up early from her nap and had walked into the kitchen, sucking on her two middle fingers, groggy and wanted me to hold her. I sat down at the breakfast bar with her on my lap and she spied my paints and sketchbook. Well now she wanted to paint so I sat her up at the bar, equipped with a water brush, my watercolors and some paper. As she painted I thought I would take this opportunity to try and capture this ball of energy as she was busy in one spot. As I started to sketch her I thought her head always looks two times too big for her body to me! Its all that hair and the fact that she had just woken up and her hair was a mess didn't help. She seems to sport this look well, that style that so many movie stars pay too much money for, Megan has down to a science. Her hair, once long, now sits on her shoulders, grown out from last years late night scissor episode where she decided to cut her hair to the scalp right before Christmas pictures. It is forever recorded in our family history photo books. But now she has embraced the shorter hair style, I think she prefers the fact that she doesn't have to endure the pain required to comb out longer hair!
My quick painting of Megan, I haven't journaled this page yet.

She is a princess with an attitude, as smart as a whip and loves to help me do everything. I asked her to look at me a few times so I could see her face to paint it but she quickly decided she didn't like that since she was busy painting herself. Here she is, my quick painting of her sitting with me during a few precious moments of quiet painting time together.
This is Megan's painting, I draw some things, per her request, then she paints them.


Joan T said...

I love how you captured her just as she was with a bit of messy hair. It came out adorable!!!

I just loved that pumpkin you painted below! That one is awesome!

I was thinking of you when I was out in CA right after Labor Day. We went for a wedding in San Diego and were only there a few days. If I was there longer I would have tried to meet you.

Bridget Hunter said...

I love this little study of Megn and what a wonderful way to capture the memory of a wmagical moment of time with a grandchild.

Desiree said...

Thank you both for your comments,she is so special,as are all my grandkids! It's nice to get a few moments with them when I can. It seems that being twins they are always together.

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