Sunday, March 04, 2012

Painting outside in the garden today

With the sun shining and the garden calling I couldn't resist painting my windmill. It's one of those projects that I can never really find time to do,but I need to get it done. I have decided i wanted to add some whimsy to my yard. The girls and I are working on painting tiny birdhouses to hang in one of my trees. I want to do about 20 of them and the girls are having a blast painting! I think that painting the windmill all funky will be a perfect addition. Today was perfect, I gathered all my paints, some brushes etc and headed out. Randy had removed it from my garden but the peas that use it as a trellis were getting tall so I new my time was running out. I cleaned off the worst of the dirt and washed some of the bigger flat areas. I bought some rust oleum paint in three colors,wild colors. Lime green, bright blue and tangerine orange! I began painting and as one section dried I moved to the next. I quickly had the base coats of paint finished and moved to my brush work. I added dots and flowers,squares and I even lettered on the tail of the windmill "Nana's Garden". Unbelievably I didn't check where the top inserted into the base and painted one side of Nanas garden upside down! GRRRR. I had to reprint with blue and redo the lettering on that side. When everything dried it was back into my garden it went! I like the way it turned out, now I need to paint some of my other metal art!

This is going to be our hummingbird birdhouse tree! It is a ornamental flowering peach which is so beautiful when it blooms.

Sorry about no shirts but they seem to manage to get paint on all their clothes so I find it easier to wash paint off of skin than fabric. Painting here requires warm weather!

- Desiree


Marilyn Fromherz said...

Oh what fun your grand kids are having and such a clever idea. Your windmill looks so striking, love it. Will see it all on Saturday. Marilyn

Joan T said...

What a fun windmill. I love the birdhouses and it look like the girls are really enjoying painting them. Nice family project!

Desiree said...
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