Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Well it has arrived after a very odd winter for sure. Cold, warm, cold, warm and now cold and warming to a nice 70 today as if to say I am here. The trees are all blooming I even have fruit on some of my fruit trees already. I hope this last frost hasn't robbed my of my summer harvest. I have been talking to my mom about the garden again, seems almost a daily thing we love to do waiting on spring. We love to pour over seed catalogs together and order all sorts of odd and fun things to try and grow each year. She now lives in a much different climate than I do so we order far different things but when we visit each others gardens we are always taking cutting. There is always that hope that we can get that plant to grow where they say it wont! Its the fun, the challenge, the sharing of the garden that I will always remember when I think of my mom. For as long as I can remember I have been at her feet, planting the pansy in the hole her hoe dug for me. Watching, learning, loving that time with her, the smell of the soil, the reward of the harvest or flowers.  It is a special gift I am handing down to my kids and grandkids along with the knowledge of where food comes from.  So often these days kids don't know how we get our food or where it comes from, basic information lost to a concrete jungle. Last week as we were helping and watching Randy digging around to roses to fertilize and mulch the twins saw some earthworms, "LOOK NANA, baby snakes!" I have my work cut out for me!

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Joan T said...

Happy Spring, Desiree!!! Your post about working in the garden with your mom just made me smile. What a perfect memory. My memories of my mom mostly involve being in the kitchen and watching and learning from her there. Those are all the things to treasure. Enjoy!!!

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