Thursday, March 22, 2012

Its a Miracle!

I forgot how the simple things can still be a "wow" for kids in this electric, techno age. The simple things we all did as kids could soon be forgotten when there are so many other things screaming for their attention. 
Begging to play on my iPad I convinced the twins to color with markers,cut with their new scissors(paper only!) and glue with me today. They loved the idea and soon Rachel started tracing her hands, which was great except for the fact that she now had marker up and down the inside of all her fingers.  I added rings and nails and watches etc and they were excited to color them. At first their exuberance was overwhelming as we ended up with purple and orange fuzzy paper hands. Although they stayed in the lines pretty good for 3 year olds I thought we should try again!  I told them to paint the nails the way we paint our real toe nails and this is what they did. Then I remembered paper dolls and how as kids we would cut paper and leave the fold uncut and make strings of paper dolls. I traced their hands and feet (which made them giggle as the pencil traced their toes)and we made connecting hands and feet which they painted too! They also enjoyed tearing off the ten tons of tape required to hold up so many body parts on the pantry door. 
The blessing today is that it warms my heart to look over and see those tiny paper hands reaching up! I can touch them, pray for them and remember our shared day long after the mess is cleaned up and quiet has returned to the house!


Cathy Gatland said...

What a wonderful Grandma you are Desiree! Heartwarming to know that children can still be excited by paper, paint and scissors.

Desiree said...

Thanks Cathy, I am trying to enjoy every day with them as I fear they are coming to an end,my daughter may be moving. I probably won't see them as often but they will still be about an hour away

Joan T said...

Great story of doing art with the kids. They would probably love doing silhouettes of themselves. I used to do that with the little kids in school when I taught...but you need a projector...or you can just trace around their bodies. That would be fun too. You are such a fun grandma.

africantapestry said...

wonderful time spent with your grandchildren Desiree...artists in the making!

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