Friday, December 02, 2011

My Pistache tree

My Pistache tree by ddhabicht
My Pistache tree, a photo by ddhabicht on Flickr.

My Pistache tree never colors up the way they are suppose to,beautiful reds and oranges but after Randy threatened to rip it out we got the most beautiful golden yellow,pinky color this year. It was as though it heard him and in an last ditch effort it gave us a golden display that seemed almost lite up when the sun hit it. Yesterday we had Santa Ana winds, my tree is now here but it went out in a blaze of glory,covering the back lawn in spun gold! The girls decided to lay in the leaves as they watched the last few hanging on the tree be blown off. It was raining these gold leaves for hours yesterday,amazing!


vivien said...

that's a gorgeous photo!

Pistache - as in pistachio nuts? (I love them)

Desiree said...

Thanks Vivien, no not the nut kind of tree.

Bridget Hunter said...

Oh how lovely! Such enchanting smiles on that carpet of yellow.

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