Friday, December 16, 2011

My blog is a book!

No, no don't get excited! LOL it's not good enough for that but I did use the blog2print service and decided to have my blog printed from when I started it to the end of last year, 2006-2010. I got it the other day and I LOVE it! It's so much fun to go back and see all the things I wrote about,the old sketches, pictures, special occasions! It is far from perfect,typos and poor sentence structure I'm sure. There are also probably tons of run-on sentences because I am famous for those! But,it's mine all the good and the bad. If you are a blogger you might want to think of doing this every year or two. My book is 120 pages, cha-ching, but I love it!

- Desiree


dominique eichi said...

What great idea !
Great looking book and fabulous tiles on the previous post too. Question where did you go to have these two things done and if I might ask on the cost of having them done.

PennyJH said...

Love it Desiree! What a great idea!

Jamie Fingal said...

I love these Blog 2 Print books, and I've had several printed. It's nice to have a record of what you have accomplished. Congrats to you!

Robyn Sinclair said...

This must be such a satisfying book, Desiree. Brilliant way to keep a record of all you've achieved. I'm so tempted.

Desiree said...

Thanks everyone, I am really enjoying looking through those old posts! Dominique, the manufacturer licensed my design for resale,I did not pay to have them done.
Jamie, I think they are great,do you have yours done every year?

Cathy Gatland said...

It looks terrific Desiree, nicely laid out and printed - now I am tempted too - though $$$ to our poor ZAR = megabucks!

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