Thursday, December 01, 2011

A block of hope for a dear friend

We were asked to make a block for a friend who just found out she has breast cancer. All the blocks will be gathered and made into a quilt for her,each block given as small letter of hope and love from so many people who love her. She has been such an inspiration to so many as well as being an example of a strong, successful women. I have so many people in my life right now that seem to be dealing with so many hard things. I think I am going to start making prayer flags. I found these on "The Prayer Flag Project" noticed many of my quilting friends were making them. The idea behind them is that you create one for every prayer you might have, some are doing one each day for 30 days, then you hang them outside. The wind is to blow the prayers to set them free. You leave them hanging in the yard and let the elements take them slowly, disappearing over time. I think I will add this to the wonderful thought behind these prayer flags, I already believe my prayers are set free as I say them. So my prayer flags will be there to remind me when I see them blowing to pray for those special people that I have made the flag for. I will share my flags soon, but for now this is my small block for her quilt of love and comfort during a hard road ahead. It is sent to you with much love and many prayers!
The guidelines were a cream background with fall colors and they have to have a heart in the block somewhere. Well I took the fall colors and made them into heart shaped leaves. Fall is the time when nature explodes into the warm wonderful colors of Autumn as it readies itself for the hard times winter brings. It is my prayer that during those dark days of winter she can wrap herself in this quilt and feel the warmth sent to her by so many as she waits for the spring in her life to bloom with that gift of hope and health again.


Joan T said...

This is such a thoughtful idea for your friend. Sort of like the prayer shawls some churches make for those suffering. I know my sister had one and it gave her a lot of comfort.

Marilyn Fromherz said...

What a beautiful block you have made, she will be so happy to have this quilt during this hard time.

Felicity said...

This is so lovely Desiree - you are SO talented! I'm sure your friend will love and appreciate such a heartfelt gift. I wonder what size it is? I love the satin stitch edges (and of course the design and the colours!), I like how you have used it for the stems.

vivien said...

what a wonderful gift - it will mean an awful lot to her I'm certain

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