Friday, December 16, 2011

Crepe Paper Poppies recreated!

I received a box today, but with the holidays, it is a common thing to see on my front porch. Jennifer discovered eBay and we have been getting little packages lately. As I carried it in I noticed it was for me and couldn't wait to open it. Inside,surrounded by popcorn were three narrow boxes,as I pulled them out I could see the brightly colored tile inside the smaller box. I immediately recognized it as my poppy design. It is so much prettier than I thought it would be. It comes with hanging mounts on the back,art tiles. They are also bigger than I thought they would be,6"x16". I am going to order a bunch for special gifts. This design was done for an art quilt that won many awards and was featured in several publications. It was sold to a private collector who is now thinking of tiling something to match!

- Desiree


paulaexuk said...

Very pretty. What a lovely surprise for you, also very refreshing to see something that is not all glitter and baubles.

vivien said...

absolutely beautiful Desiree :)

PennyJH said...

soo beautiful - the rich colors are wonderful!!!
p.s. - January Fons and Porter magazine is in the stores :-) got mine at Albertson's - only 3 left - your pin cushions are my favorite!!!

Desiree said...

Thanks everyone,it is so exciting. Penny you are so sweet! Kelly's article is really good,I love looking into other peoples studios!

Marilyn Fromherz said...

This is really beautiful how exciting to have them do that with your quilt - don't know how I missed this on the 16th! Will it be for sale somewhere?

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