Monday, October 17, 2011

It's my birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday and I am getting to an age I only thought other people achieved. I can remember having conversations and referring to people of this age as old! OLD, wow,I don't feel old. The closer I got to this age the younger it seemed after all it's just a number,right. I have also noticed that I am slipping over to the bad side of statistics and life insurance rates. That jumping out of bed still happens but I land on sore feet and have stretch out my stiff back. It is a hard time as there are more wrinkles than not and my face is showing the signs of life,it's hard to watch our bodies giving way before we are ready! I find myself thinking of things like facelifts and hair removal where in years past it was just all about clothes,shoes and purses! Well, I guess it's still about those things and much more.

We are definitely the sandwich generation,in-between caring for our kids and our parents. It is a much different place than I dreamed it would be. Yet despite all the negative aspects of getting older there are some really wonderful things that happen as we get older. We find a way to carve out more time for ourselves. Finding time to do the things we want to do along with allowing ourselves the permission to do it! Most of us are now being surrounded by grandkids that always bring us joy without the resposibility.

Personally I thought that I would be doing more traveling at this age but with Jenn's crash our plans were forever altered yet I don't feel cheated. I am finding this time to be exciting,full,creative and so busy! We are survivors triumphant! Life can be hard but it is so good too, we learn along the way how to navigate the different seasons that our lives bring.

There are so many blessing, I know some amazing people,many of whom I call friends. I have a wonderful family that I love so much and that are healthy. I have a husband that adores me and supports me and is truly a best friend. I have a place to call home that house the things I love. I have my health and my God given gifts that allow me the ability to create! To create a way when there wasn't one,to create art, to create a home,to create memories and so much more. I could keep going but since it's my birthday today I choose to spend it painting and celebrating with my family. I have a
new drawing table that awaits it christening and I need to comply. I have some quilts to design and paintings to get ready for shows. I have orders to fill and clients to call,I have a life to live!
Happy Birthday to me and you!


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday!

sidmar said...

Happy birthday Desiree, have a blessed life.

Joan T said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you've already got the best gifts of all. Enjoy!!!

Cindi said...

love your outlook... you are the best!!! happy happy.. hope you had a fab day!!

Michelle said...

You look great. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Looked like a good time!

Desiree said...

Thanks everyone! I so appreciate your time and comments

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