Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Card Exchange with Painting Friends

One of the many online art groups I belong to love doing holiday card exchanges. I have posted in previous years many of the cards I have sent and received. This year we are doing a Fall card exchange and a Christmas card exchange. I painted this card based on a photo posted by Valri on WC. I loved the feel of the spiderweb, representing Halloween and the fall foliage showing the seasons. I cropped and painted this card for the exchange.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is going from chilly to hot weekly. I love the sun and will miss the long days, I almost feel depressed when the sun sets at 5:00pm. I will welcome the wonderful oranges and pinks that the fall sky lays over everything. Even the stucco on our house turns a wonderful warm shade of coral in the fall. We have begun the long process of pruning and cleaning up the debris. We have already started to plant some of the bulbs and flowers that will keep us happy through spring. We have also agreed to be on the garden show tour next year so we need to prepare now so that things are blooming in the yard during that tour. Last time we were on tour we got over 800 people through our yard in two days!

This last picture was a nest made by the "Bushtit" bird. It is a woven nest that they use to raise several batches of babies. This rose did not get pruned this year and if they return it will forgo its pruning again. Well this branch anyway! Thank goodness this rose is behind the outdoor kitchen area and is not really visible unless you seek it out. The birds knew right where to put this nest!


Helen Percy Lystra said...

Delightful card and lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers, I'm so glad you shared these pictures.

talha said...
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