Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vasquez Rocks- photo meetup group

We went with the photo meetup group to Vasquez Rocks. These rocks seem to jet out of the earth at these sharp angles and can reach up to 150 feet tall. Made of sandstone the rocks are barren and void of most vegetation, it was like being on a different planet, a moonscape. The area has been featured in many movies, advertisements and music videos.  I ended up painting two watercolors and did one small 5x7 pastel. These were all done with no prior drawing  and sitting with Jennifer on a picnic table while Randy hiked up the mountains to get some vista view photos. I was glad that the weather is still cold enough that I think most of the snakes are hybernating since we ended up walking around the mountains to find another plein aire paint group that was there. The weather was perfect and afterwards we all went to lunch and then to another site were oil was discovered in Calif back in the 1800's

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Pat said...

Love the last one.. reminds me of a bird of prey.. xxx

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