Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Berry trees

Sorry the photo isn't great, another quick shot from my phone in my studio. Its funny how much Christmas stuff  I need to paint and it seems like after Christmas I just want to be done with it for awhile. I thought while I still was feeling it I better stick with the Christmas energy and keep painting. I have been working on these berry trees, these are two of a series of four. I am hoping to see them as cards and also want to transfer them to fabric and some applique patterns. Done with tissue paper and watercolors. I have added text to them using Photoshop and I like the results. I need to post from a different computer to share the end product.


Robyn said...

Very pretty, Desiree. I love the effect of the tissue paper too. It put me in mind of a fabric design immediately. Is this watercolour or acrylic? I really don't know where you find the time to be so productive. But I'm glad you do.

Joan said...

Great job on the berry trees! They will make a nice series and cards and fabric would be great too.

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