Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The suns out, and we are out for our walk

With the weather being so wonderful I couldn't stay inside with Blake so we all decided to go for a long walk. We ventured over to the local coffee shop where we had coffee and I sketched a bit. We then stopped by Sprouts on the way home and got fresh veggies for dinner and our juicer. Little Blake was fast asleep by the time we arrived back at the house. Here is my quick sketch of the seating area outside the coffee shop, it has a silly pot with a sad orange tree trying to survive a very unfriendly environment for anything green in this sea of cement! On the way home I noticed that the Red Oak trees were starting to drop there leaves, finally. They had long turned from their beautiful mahogany color to a muddy brown color but the shapes, each unique captivate me. I can't resist them. I seem to gather a few everytime we walk by, when they are new, when they have turned colors and when they are dry!


Joan said...

Lovely sketch!! Wish it was warm enough here to sit out in the sun instead of the snow. lol Looks like a fun lino class too.

Pat said...

Lovely entry!
Interesting post - funny what catches our attention, isn't it? :)

Desiree said...


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