Sunday, September 06, 2009

My garden is still trying even in the heat

I uploaded this picture from my iphone today, I love my phone. We were working outside and although I was taking out my bean plants I realized that the rest of the garden was really still producing and looked pretty good. We have had such a long stretch of super heat, I am even amazed it all hasn't just shriveled up and blown away. We actually had fresh squash tonight for dinner. In my magic box garden I have potatoes, basil,onions, beets, squash, bell peppers. On the back side is a tomatoe plant. I used to have a huge garden, I spend many days putting things in the freezer or canning or pickling. But now, this box holds just the right amount for us to eat fresh veggies almost everyday.

As I pulled out my very tired bean plants I realized that fall was on its way. The heat from summer was still with us but the plants knew it is getting late in the season. My pumpkins (across the yard) are dying back and the green pumpkins are starting to turn orange. The coral tree is starting to get yellow leaves as it prepares to sleep through the winter. I love and hate this time of the year. I so love the long days, so thinking of it getting dark at 5 is depressing. But I love the color of fall, the warm pink/orange the sun turns everything it touches. The cooling nights and the approaching holidays. It is a bittersweet time.

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