Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Gifts

Its almost midnight but I wanted to post my little watercolor sketch from my journal before going to bed. I noticed on our morning walks that the pine trees are dropping their pine cones. Some are open, many are not. These unwanted gifts are nothing but litter to some, a nuisance to the gardeners,but as the Holidays arrive they will be gathered and appreciated. They might be in a table decoration or sit on a fireplace hearth. Some will be painted with white paint and glitter to look as though they are full of snow. I think I may start to collect my gifts early this year, while the selection is prime! I think a basket full of pine cones would make a wonderful and challenging painting!


avagdro said...

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Cindi said...

desiree.. great color variations..... it will still be a while before fall gets here for us.. but like you, starting to see little signs..
just read your twitter here, hope all is better with randy

Nora Mackin said...

Desiree wonderful sketch of pine cones. It seems they fall here all year. Just found out this year that the squirrels eat them when they are green.

Ai said...

IrishRose, on Wetcanvas, just host another ATC exchange on the Fall/Winter theme. Your sketch of the pinecone is really inspiring to me.

Sandy said...

Umm this one is delicious with the deep purple - Each one is a bit different too, much like a snow flake - Beautiful painting.

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