Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back to a simpler time

This summer I have the wonderful opportunity to visit my mom twice! It was so nice to just get away and enjoy a different part of the state. It is very "country" where she lives, no fast food, one small general food store, farm supply. No hospitals just a small clinic. It is beautiful with surrounding vineyards and redwoods that stand like soldiers guarding the valley. Its one of those places that as you are driving through you are thinking " I want to live here!". But its a harder way of life. I often hear people say I wish we lived back when things were simpler and less complicated. Well simpler doesn't me easier. I think they must be referring to the lack of technology and their confusion with that. LOL But, with that said, there is something inside of me that is very homespun. I love all the things that revolve around the home, gardening, canning, raising our food, sewing, design etc. Just saying that makes me sound like a nerd! But oh well, that's me! I think I am a hip, cool, nerd LOL. I have often dreamed of living out in the country, doing all the things I love. With Jennifer now, that is out of the question, with the lack of doctors and sidewalks, being handicapped in the country would be tough!

While we were up there, enjoying the whole area, we went to Glass Beach which is along the coast. It is an interesting place, a unique area of shoreline covered in smooth glass. As I understand it, they used to dump all the glass trash out in the ocean years and years ago. The tide stirred up all the broken bottles and polished the glass and spits it up onto this one small section of beach. If you stand on the rocks overhead and look down the shoreline sparkles as the sunlight reflects off of the sand made of glass. People come from all over to gather the glass and they make jewelry etc out of it. Randy and I along with my youngest daughter and her husband decided to make the trip to the coast to see it. As we walked along the path to get to the beach there were hundreds of wild blackberries ripening on the vines. I could barely contain myself since the thought of blackberry anything sounds lushess. Randy promised he would help me pick them on our way back in. After a wonderful few hours on the cool shoreline and our pockets were full of glass treasures we made our way back along the blackberries. We picked a bag of berries and I went back to moms to make jam! Yummy, yes yummy. I brought home my goodies to enjoy and share. Here are the photographs of my wonderful find, and canned treasures. The question is " Is this the simplier way of life or would a run to the super market been a better use of my time? I will say that my emotional attachment to this batch of jam only became reality because of all the time and work involved in its creation. So now they sit on a shelf, being admired as though some rare artifact, I am even including them in my still lifes for painting before they are quickly consumed by my loved ones!


mARTa said...

Well, we sure enjoyed the jam!!! Great photos and story too. Miss you!

Ai said...

Beautiful story Desiree. I think it should not be compared between two ways to get the jam. I think you are fortunate to be able to get the jam, the "every step all the way" way. We can always drive to a store to get them in the premade can. So please enjoy the special batch for me.

Thanks for the uniques story because I used to think of moving to the rural USA. as well. I would not foresee the hard things you describe. The thing is I still have to work in my country for 6 more years. By then, we should know what we want to do with our next location.

Ai said...
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