Monday, October 13, 2008

My birthday celebration early!

For my birthday the kids got us tickets to see Wicked at the Pantagas Theater in LA. It was a great play and now I know the real story!! After that we went to dinner at the Bonaventure Hotel in Hollywood, as we waited for our table we sat at the bar which turns in a slow circle to reveal a wonderful view of LA from the 35th floor. Then at dinner we had the same view but not moving. It made for a perfect day and night, this is our dinner view, taken with my phone. We were lucky that it was a nice clear day in Los Angeles. Today there are fires. I just love it when my birthday starts early then its like having a birthweek!

I think I am almost as old as Marta now! LOL HUGS

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Ai said...

Happy Birthday, Desiree. You deserve all the joy in the world. It sounds like you had a great celebration there. BTW, was there a UFO on the right of your photo. ;-)

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