Monday, October 06, 2008

The Babies are HERE!!

After the required amount of worrying, waiting and wanting the babies made their way into the world on Oct 5, 2008. My oldest daughter carried them for 38 weeks, which they say is very good for twins. They were born 6 and 6.5 lbs and withing a few minutes of each other. I never did see them cry, I hope that is a good sign for my very tired and apprehensive daughter. Today I watched Nathan, their three year old, and around 7:00pm they came to pick him up. He hadn't seen the babies yet. All he could say was "OH MY GOSH" as he tried to touch their hands and feet. He then looked at my daughter and said "Let me see your stomach!"


Sandy said...

Oh how sweet and I know very well what you all went through as my daughter had twin boys 2 years ago. God bless them all!

Ai said...

This is so sweet. Congratulations. Also pls. give a kiss on the cheek to Nathan for me. My daughter, Iris, is also 3 years old too. She has not yet experienced having a sibling.

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