Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Running through

Wow, the days have gotten so busy, I barely have time to check my email. Please forgive me for running through, I will have time in a few days. Just wanted to make sure I don't become totally forgotten! The old saying " Out of sight, out of mind" is so true. This is another pastel I finished. It is a picture of a friends one eyed dog, Jack.

I loved the retro look of her livingroom! I entered it into a pastel show, I will know if it was excepted in January. But by January I may have forgotten I entered it.


Betty said...

Absolutely gorgeous, with these rich colors and beautiful animal!!!

Ai said...

This is stunning. I love the glowing colors and the light shining on the lamp, on the graceful dog. Excellent. Good luck with the show.

Lisalou said...

I had to look twice--I thought this was a photo. What an intriguing post--with the wonderful dog and the setting it fascinating.

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