Thursday, October 04, 2007

San Diego here I come

Well its that time of year again, retreat time. There is a great group of women that get together twice a year for a retreat, one in Big Bear, one in San Diego, we call them camps. We don't really camp though,this is where we stay, you can see that we are really roughing it during our visit here. It is in downtown so there are many great shops and places for foodies to get a fix. Marta and I and Dawn are sharing a room, should make for lots of laughs. Marta leaves for Europe right after camp, plus she is teaching a class, if I were her I would be a bit stressed. But if you look at her blog you can see she is ultra organized with all of her outfits drawn out in her sketchbook! I will miss you GF. See you tomorrow!


Susan said...

Hope you have a marvelous time, how could you not? That "camping" looks so rough. =)

mARTa said...

Thanks 'roomie'. It was fun and your handmade book is lovely...ok, A+ like the others! I'll miss you lots and when I get back I'm sure you'll soon tire of my stories!!! So sorry, but you'll have to suffer through my tall tales! love ya...see you in November.

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