Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We are on fire, not us personally but so many around us. I feel so bad as I watch the total destruction around me. Our families have been touched, some evacuated, some losing homes. How can you watch a lifetime of things and memories disappear as you look on. This fire, raging out of control is consuming everything in its path, filling the air with black, unbreathable smoke. The firemen look so small as they battle this goliath. Their jobs seem impossible as the fire snakes and moves all around them. They attack with hoses, and shovels, small stones in the scheme of things, yet they keep at it. So many victims, so many heros, so many stories. I have lived here my entire life and never witnessed anything this bad. Lord, be with all these families, the firemen, the hospitals. Give them the strength they need to fight this monster and win!

I sketched this quickly, not looking at a picture, only seeing the scenes play over and over in my mind. It is the second sketch in my new book.

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Sandy said...

Very well put and so poignant. I cannot imagine the horror of it ALL! the sketch is right on!

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