Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My copper pot

We were challenged at the Watercolor Haven to paint rust. I found an old copper pot that I have always loved and decided to see if I could recreate all the layers of color on this pot. It might be a bit overworked but I plan on painting it again. I have to wonder if this was ever really used for coffee or was it always just a decoration. This project made me think about rust and what happens to things that rust. (Painting allows for these weird inner experiences) I think that a rusty pot is far more interesting to paint than a perfect one, the rust adds color and personality to the pot. Its like in our own lives. Rust is like aging, some look more beautiful with some age and personality. I would much rather paint the picture of a older person who is wearing their life experiences on their faces than a model. Like my old copper pot, the rust and chemical changes to the metal have given it a beautiful patina, I hope I age a wonderfully.


MD said...

This is so lovely. Lovely texture and I like what you say about aging too.
Nice work.

Lin said...


Teri said...

OMG!!! It is stunning!!!

Susan said...

That's marvelous! I love your recounting of the thinking, too. That's one of the reasons I love hand embroidery. The thoughts just wander and think what they will.

I suspect you will age at least as well as your copper pot. =)

mrana said...

Wow this is gorgeous, you've done a brilliant job!

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