Sunday, July 20, 2014

Small projects, don't you just love them!?

I just love small projects, whether its painting, sketching or sewing projects. They allow me to fit them into tight spaces. I don't always have the time to just devote hours upon hours to designing and creating large pieces so when I have the time to work on something smaller its is so satisfying  since I can see results so much more quickly. I am working on designing some new patterns for quilt market in October and they are mostly smaller projects. Great in-between projects and gifts for Christmas. I am busy designing projects for my Mug Rug Club too! Its so much fun being able to get some of my ideas out of my head and made up! I am going to be releasing my Monster Placemats and I am finishing up the pattern now. I also will be working on some new placemats for my "Wild Things" safari fabric line. I will have those kitted up for the San Diego Quilt show since I will have a booth there!

This is my Monster Truck Placemats. They are 16" rounds with my monster heads inside. This is a great additional project for your little monster quilt, use as placemats or hang them in their rooms as Monster fiber art. Easily transformed into round pillows also. This new pattern should be available on my website within a week for download! 

My newest Mug Rug for July. These adorable Owls are all excited to talk about design and how to make your existing appliqué patterns even better. In my Mug Rug Club we are learning something every month, techniques, finishes we will even be doing some artsy stuff. The patterns will be email to your inbox each month and you will enjoy making these small projects as gifts all throughout the year. We not only make Mug Rugs but we make other fun things with our pattern. Join the fun today on my website,


Joan Tavolott said...

These are so adorable!!! I wish I had a little one to make these for.

PennyJH said...

These are sooo cute - and I am sooo behind on making my monthly mug rugs :-]- I love ALL of your mug rug patterns :-D and I WILL get caught up!!! Taking care of the twins 2 days a week since early June, they will be 5 months old in another week - getting into a routine (as much as you can with babies!). Was at the beach with all 4 grandchildren end of May - a humbling experience Lol! I said this makes having 1 baby seem like a piece of cake and I cannot believe how much I whined when mine were babies. Miss you ALLOT!

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