Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Mug Rug Club- we are just starting this fun creative club, won't you join us!?

I started a new club, The Mug Rug Club. The idea behind it is to use this small format to create mug rugs but more than that, to allow everyone a small platform from which to play and experiment. We are  going to be creating amazing, fun, beautiful mug rugs but we are going to be learning new techniques and ways to finish. I hope you will join us as we have fun creating each month. I am designing these unique custom patterns that aren't available anywhere else, just here. Each month you will receive a custom pattern right into your inbox. 

You can use these template for other projects as well but each month we will be creating a unique mug rug as gifts, wall hangings, bags and blocks for other quilts etc. Don't be fooled by the name this is a great way to have fun sewing without the big expense or commitment of a quilts? Won't you join us? The button is on the right side of my blog and on my website or you can join from here! Once the pattern is sent it's gone so don't miss out!

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