Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Its been a Mission Inn Month

On Easter we were excited to have reserved seats for the Easter brunch at the Mission Inn Restaurant. We sat outside in the courtyard patio area which is wonderful, fountains and tile all surrounded by the beautiful old walls of the Inn. I had brought my sketch book to just capture the day as I slowly ate my way through tons of amazing food!

Then on Friday, before Mothers Day, Melissa took me to lunch to celebrate Mothers day with her since she had to work on Sunday. It was a glorious day, the weather was about 75 degrees with a slight breeze as we had a delicious lunch at Los Campanas Mexican Restaurant at the Mission Inn !   She brought Bryce and we had the most wonderful time, visiting, enjoying each others company and playing with the baby!

  And then a dear friend is moving and wanted to go to lunch yesterday so, guess where we ended up, yep, you got it, Las Campanas again! Okay, Uncle! I mean my pants are getting tight and I think I need to stop having lunch and swing by the gym instead! Sketching is just not that strenuous of a workout to offset all the chips and salsa! Cha ching

I think maybe sketching the food instead of eating it so fast might work also!

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Joan Tavolott said...

How great that you were able to share a meal three times in such a wonderful looking place. Nice sketches of it!

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