Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sometimes we Flutter before we Fly!

I find I like to do butterflies, or I go through phases of doing them. I have to wonder if it coincides with my own personal journey these butterfly references. If they go deeper than the fabric or paint. If they are reflecting my deep feelings of being reborn, of starting something new, maybe the excitement of flying without the fear. They could mean and symbolize something that might be happening within me as I cocoon a new idea. Do you have stages where you feel like something new and exciting is right around the corner. Where maybe tomorrow will be the day that everything breaks open and your wings unfurl and you are set free?!

This is a fiber art piece that I did with a discharging method, lots of fun! I am working on a tutorial for you!

A close up and better lighting in my photo.

Another one of my butterflies that was auctioned off for SAQA

This is another fiber art piece, I love this piece, done with stamps and paints and inks and gesso etc. Then I painted it and before I quilted it I photographed it.

I then downloaded the photo into my computer where I opened it up in Photoshop. I went to filters and just started to play. This is a filter, artists, poster edges and I like what it did, I also reversed it and added text. When I wrote out the saying it already felt so true. Now, if I want, I can print as cards, or onto fabric, my choices are endless!

Another Fiber piece I did for The American Quilt Alliance Annual auction last year. 
Even Lil Miss Cutie Patootie got into the butterfly craze a few years back.

I wonder what I will be painting next?? When you look at your creative pieces is there a theme or a reoccurring color? Do you see the same images repeated over and over? Congratulations you are doing a series and maybe, just maybe your inner voice is trying to tell you something. What images or color seems to find its way back into your work time and time again??


Joan T said...

Oh Desiree, these are beautiful! I love the butterfly with the poppy and how you changed it from one look to another. You are so creative!

Desiree Habicht said...

thanks Joan, so nice to have you stop by. I have been enjoying your paintings on FB, you are so productive!

GailVoh said...

GORGEOUS !!!! These are stunning quilts!

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