Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Flowers from a Friend

Hi GF's, summer is going to come to an end I promise, are you all melting in this heat? Its been an unusually quiet summer for me socially so when I had a friend call me to go to lunch with her I was so excited to be able to have some girl time. She arrived baring gifts as she often does, always something special, Flowers from her garden, calendars from an artist she likes to support, bear claws from her favorite bakery, you just never know what she might bring. They never feel like last gifts minute either, they are always full of thought and effort, she has a the special gift of giving. Today was no exception as I see her coming up to my door with her hands filled with a box that was bursting with color. I could hardly contain myself as I recognized the delicate flower bunches sitting atop mounds of dark, fuzzy, thick leaves, an african violet! It warmed my heart since there is nothing better than being important to someone, of being thought about. It's this simple gesture of giving of ourselves that can make others feel so valued. My little African Violet is sitting on my kitchen counter, reminding me of her and making me smile. Do you have the gift of giving? Who will you make feel special today!

- Desiree


donna said...

I never arrive empty handed. It is just too fun to have prizes for my besties.

But today, it is all about ME. (grin)


Martha said...

I like to randomly send things in the mail to friends and family. It's always so fun to get something that's not a bill, and let's them know I'm thinking of them.
Here's a tip - save rinsed out egg shells in a jar of water and use that to water the african violet. They love the little bit of calcium.

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