Monday, August 26, 2013

A favorite place to just reflect and appreciate things

 I know that most of us live a very busy life these days, filled with kids, grand kids, work, chores, jobs, activities etc. Who would of known that with all these modern conveniences we would end up even busier and more stressed out. I think being able to see how fast things are moving all the time reminds us how fast we might be falling behind. To keep up with all the social media and technology coming out daily is daunting and can be overwhelming.

For me, being able to get away from the technology is critical so I have to go for a walk, run, gardening, anything that takes me outside and helps me refocused. Since I work from home I have to get out of the house so I have an area that I love in my backyard. A mini retreat area that I can go to anytime to just enjoy the breeze and paint or sketch, read, write, pray or nap. When we designed and built the backyard we wanted to create a place where our family could gather together for holidays and special events to assure Jennifer would always be able to attend since not every ones house is wheelchair accessible.  It is an outdoor room that is open and we get a breeze in the summer that cools the area in the late afternoon and a fireplace to warm it in the winter. We did a lot of the work ourselves, Randy and I burned and distressed the wooden beams that support the structure and stained the under side of the roof red to mimic the old tile roofs. We have had many, many parties, holidays and just gatherings here in the 7 years its been since we finished the project. We even had an owl try to take up residence there last year and we have a few bunnies that pass through on their way to different areas of our lawn. There is a ramp so Jennifer can access it anytime she likes and she can watch swimmers in the pool during the summer in the shade. I have always made a special place in each house we have lived that I could just take it all in and thank God for all we had, its never about the money, its always about the relationships, the family and beauty of the things we grew, we are rich in so many ways.

A favorite place doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate, it can be as simple as a chair under the shade of a tree. It is a place to sit and take a deep breath and remind ourselves of how blessed we are to live where we live. A place where I can be quiet and reflect, gathering my thoughts, reminding me to appreciate all that we have created together. I have sketched my yard many times over the years, here is another sketch of my backyard, sitting in my space, watching the dappled sunlight dancing off of the stone floor caused by the wind blowing through the leaves.

I love to come out at dusk and watch the sun go down, the light filters through the trees, casting shadows that dance on the stone floor. It bathes everything in an orange glow in the fall.

Theres nothing like taking a bath and looking out at this!!

Sketching and painting some succulents I am growing

I love keeping my garden journal where I journal and sketch about things in my garden.

Another day, with my coffee and writing pad, writing down my thoughts and ideas.

 Do you have a special area that you call your own? A place where you can escape the rat race and find some peace and quiet. A place where you can journal your thoughts and escape for a moment. It doesn't have to be outside, in many areas of the country these favorite places are overstuffed chairs next to a fireplace with all of your favorite things next to you and your blanket. How about your bathtub, with bubbles and music playing. It could be a reading area where you can find some quiet time to just get lost in a book. I leave my studio so that I don't have any projects or deadlines nagging at me. I go to my favorite place and listen to the wind whispering in my ear and watch as the leaves dancing across the floor. Tell me about your space! If you have sketched it please post a link to your blog so I can see it!


Martha said...

My special place is my sewing room. My family calls it my black hole, because when I go in there I lose all track of time. It's the place I can do things I love and forget about all the things I "should" be doing, or have to do.
Your backyard looks wonderful. Comfortable and relaxing, but also very attractive. Mine is very small and mainly functional for the pets with fruit trees for shade.

sandy said...

Love this post and your art. I haven't stopped by in ages. So nice to see your beautiful art.

My special place use to be in Alta Loma before we moved a few years ago. It was my whole yard I loved.

We are now up in the mountains in Wrightwood so my special place is wherever I choose to go for a walk and also my backyard where I sit and photo birds.

Desiree Habicht said...

Martha, I love that your special place is your sewing room! The black hole is perfect! I also get lost when I create and time has no meaning. Since I also work in my studio, I still love it but sometimes have to escape the nagging projects! Hope your enjoying all your goodies in your special place!

Sandy, I love your special place, how wonderful to escape the smog and move into the mountains. How are you liking the snow? Your spot sound great, I love taking photos, I bet you get great shots in your new, more country setting. Great special spot

PennyJH said...

Desiree - I especially LOVE the way you paint succulents!
I have two special places! One is the patio (great subject for my journal)! The other is divided into my craft - painting room and the larger of the two is my sewing and projects room. These are the two that I can definitely get lost in - when Kent can't find me anywhere else he comes upstairs!!! We replaced all of our carpet and flooring in the whole house this summer and I have taken it deliberately slow to put rooms back together - taking it as an opportunity to change things around and do the exercise of throw out or give away! Boy have I given lots of jobs for people at Goodwill!

Christa said...

Hi Desiree
My special place is my sewing/craft room too! It's where I can go to just be me. Making things for family and friends. Lots of stuff hanging on my walls to remind me of good friends and special events in my life.

Desiree Habicht said...

Penny, thank you so much, I am trying to paint the ones I am growing although they aren't looking too good these days. I love how you have two special places, I guess I could also say that. How wonderful that you have gotten all new carpeting and took the time to reorganize and recreate your special place! That should make it even better!
Christa, how great to hear that you have a place just to be you! We all need those special places where we can escape from the pressures of being so many things to so many people. I think that is one of the blessings of having older kids that have moved out or gotten married is that they have left us some open spots in our homes to reclaim for our dreams and special stuff!

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