Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Some Beading Fun with Lyric Montgomery Kinard for our basket of goodies

Well things are really starting to move now, and our basket is loaded with lots of fun items that make me just want to start creating some beautiful things. When this is all over you will have enough things to start and finish some amazing projects!!!  Our newest item is from Lyric Montgomery Kinard. First let me say how I have always loved her name! What a wonderful thing to have something so poetic for a first name and something so unforgettable! Now add to that her unforgettable award winning art quilts and you will see why I am her number one fan! I have only admired Lyric for years until recently we have had the opportunity to kind of work together on the Sketchbook Challenge and the Art Box Project along with some other art quilt projects.  We have yet to meet in her person although I am getting to know her better via the internet! I can't wait until we finally get a chance to meet, maybe Houston!  Lyric is not only an amazing artist but she has written books, magazine articles and produced DVD's, she even has a Quilting Arts Workshop on surface design now available on DVD!! She is multitalented and is so generous with her gifts. Then add to that the fact that she is a full time mom to 5 children and it is simply amazing she does all she does!

This is one of Lyrics books available on her website!
When I approached her to see if she would donate to our basket she was excited to be able to send you all something! I hope you will make sure you go and check out her site and all of her quilts and product for sale, and while you are there make sure you thank her for her generous gift!! I really loved looking at her website she has so much content, not only does she have all of her publications  but she has a page of her artwork which is just so beautiful

So when I opened the box from Lyric I was so excited to see that she has sent us her DVD called "Bead it like you Mean it"!! Wow, thank you so much Lyric, and then she also added three postcards of her work for us to enjoy!

Wow!! I know what you're all thinking, how could it get any better than this!! Things just keep coming in that are amazing and will move your forward in your creative journey!!! Thank you again Lyric!!! 

Our Marvelous May Give-Away Basket just keeps growing!! 


Martha said...

Wow - what a wonderful addition to the basket. If (when) I win, I will have so many new and fun things to learn. Thanks you again for putting this all together.

Marilyn Fromherz said...

This is great - I LOVE beading my quilts and this DVD is new to me. Will look her up. Thanks Desiree - the basket gets better everyday.

Desiree Habicht said...

I am so excited for you all! I was so tempted to sneak a peek at the DVD! More to come

Sallie said...

What a great collection of goodies! Thanks for the chance to win!

Bunny said...

wonderful wooden bear - check it out

PennyJH said...

Yummy - her beading is so beautiful - just the right touches!!! This has become a fantastic basket!

Kathy said...

I have that DVD and highly recommend it. It's the best way to learn beading that I have come across, other than having a class from a great teacher (like Lyric!). Whoever wins this will be one lucky person!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

So many thoughtful goodies! How nice is this!

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