Sunday, May 05, 2013

More Goodies for you to check out!! This time its from my friend Jamie Fingal!!

Hi GF's, well as you can tell I am fighting with Randy for computer time these days. We do have other computers but my Mac has all my photos. He is busy working on last minute things and I am still sewing! LOL I didn't forget about you though, things are still arriving, I just received some very cool things on Saturday!  I told you that there was going to be so many wonderful items and they are going to be a nice mixed bag so you will get a wide variety of goodies in this give-away!

Some of my Fabulous Folded Bags and my new sign for my booth that I had printed at Spoonflower! 

The next item for you is from my dear friend and amazing quilt artist Jamie Fingal! Yeah Jamie!!! Jamie is an amazing artist, writer, teacher and friend. We met about 5 years ago and she has never quit inspiring me to reach higher and dig deeper in my art quilt life.  She also introduced me to Moo Cards, which I love and use all the time. They are a business card company that will print your photos on business cards, multiple photos up to 50. So it is like carrying around a mini portfolio. Here is her card she has included with a picture of one of her art quilts. 

Jamie recently had surgery and a bunch of her friends sent her
Valentines and get well wishes which I put together and delivered.
I was worried she was lonely but found she was being watched
very closely!

She is also a curator and curates shows through the Dinner at Eight Artists.  I have been honored to be invited to have my pieces juried for her shows and they travel the world, it is very exciting. She writes articles for Quilting Arts Magazine and has written a book too, wow, I know what your thinking, she is amazing! How does anyone do so much? Well I am not done yet, she also has a heart for philanthropy work and has a House Quilt Projects for returning Veterans. If you see her on Facebook you know she has a standard line, Whats for Dinner? She has a large following and now Quilting Inc is taking it one step farther and they have a contest going that will be shown in Houston, centered around
 Jamie' s daily question! Check it out on her blog.  Her bright art quilts and zippers are her signature style and she wins time after time with her innovative quilts. I hope you will check out her sites and blogs and maybe sign up to do a house quilt for a special veteran coming home from war and her Whats for dinner challenge! And now the drum roll please..... Her gift for our goodie bag is 2 packages of Misty Fuse fusible, one in black and one in white plus a Goddess Thermal Pressing sheet for appliqué! She uses these products in her quilts and loves them. Misty fuse keeps your quilts soft and does not leave that stiff feel often seen with other fusibles.  Please visit Jamie and thank her for her gifts.  Thank you so much Jamie for your generosity and for your wonderful addition to our goodie bag!! 

Remember, for a complete list of the rules and details check out  the tab at the top called Marvelous May Market Give-Away!!! Our updated goodie basket picture will be posted there also!! 


PennyJH said...

How nice of these great ladies to send more such nice things for the basket! Throw my name in again!!!

Marilyn Fromherz said...

Your basket is looking great! Wonderful friends for supporting you all the time.

Martha said...

It's getting to be a very big basket! I have wanted to try Misty Fuse, so maybe this will be my chance. Did you ever decide on eyes or not for your lady bug tea cozy?

Desiree said...

Penny you are in, many times! Good for you!
Marilyn, yes it is wonderful to have these supportive people around me! You are also in several times
Martha, Yes the basket is getting quite large and Misty Fuse is wonderful, you will love it if you win! I decided to just leave it with no eyes although in the book I mention that eyes can be added if they like. I kind of ran out of time to fuse with it. Those print deadlines are killers. You are also entered several times, keep up the good work and share with your quilting friends.

Lauretta Crites said...

Wow! That basket is really luscious. I can see I missed a lot while I was gone. I love the diversity of the items. Will we get to see them in person on Saturday?

Lauretta Crites said...

Wow! That basket is wonderful! I missed some of the great additions while I was gone. Will we get to see it in person at Saturdays sketch class?

Lauretta Crites said...

Can you guess I'm still figuring out the new computer? (I'll try not to post this one twice)

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

How do u find the time to create all that you do.?

Desiree Habicht said...

Diane, you know I don't sleep! LOL

Sallie said...

I've just completed my first applique (a border on a round robin quilt) and I love it! I would definitely love to win the Misty Fuse!!

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